Protect your content with an invisible, trackable watermark.

Protect your content with an invisible, trackable watermark.

Works for any content ⁡l⁣i⁠k⁣e⁢ ⁠e⁣m⁢a⁣i⁠l⁣s⁠,⁢ ⁢b⁣l⁣o⁢g⁣ ⁣p⁢o⁣s⁢t⁣s⁠,⁢ ⁠s⁣o⁡cial media posts, word & google docs, web pages and more.

textmark has developed a proprietary technology that lets you embed an invisible and trackable watermark in your valuable content.

With your content textmarked you can:

1) prevent unauthorized use of your content
2) track and verify content distribution
3) verify chain of ownership and usage
4) tag content to specific users, websites or companies
5) embed hidden “easter eggs” in your content

There is finally a way for you to protect the valuable content you have been concerned about selling or have tried to protect behind a paywall…textmark it!

Try it out, copy and paste this blog post and go to, paste it in the find textmark box and experience the magic 🙂 Viola!


  1. This is genius! For content protection I have used “copypoison”, but I like your protection more. The question is what will read and index Google? Plain copied text or text with “easter eggs” ?

    • textmark

      Hi Victor,
      Thanks for the kind words!
      Yes the text is indexable by Google and the key is how you watermark your content.

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